Our products are focused to cater the health and fitness needs of individuals and Small and Medium Enterprises. We have launched 3 products through Android and Amazon markets.

1. MedRemind+ medicine reminder application

2. Health Track personal health recording application

3. CPU Awake wake lock application

4. Profile Manager for Android application


This is a Android based mobile application to record and remind healthcare information of patients.  The app is suited for individual usage as well to manage information of several family members or patients you care about. 

This is a simple app for managing individual's health data. This app is includes the basic features of Personal Heath Record (PHR) . The product is at concept development stage.

CPU Awake will avoid your phone going to sleep mode. This is useful when browsing internet, downloading large files, using Wi-Fi and other many occasions as discovered by users

Profile Manager

Profile Manager will help you to quickly select or adjust  your Android phone settings.