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CPU Awake - Wake Lock App

CPU Awake is a simple wake lock that will avoid your phone going to sleep mode. This wake lock is useful when browsing internet, downloading large files, using Wi-Fi and many other occasions as discovered by users

It is very simple to operate this CPU Awake app. Just open the App.

At first screen of the CPU Awake you can select desired time for keeping CPU running and keeping screen and keyboard lamps on. Desired amount of time can be selected using the sliders. 
You can select number of hours, minutes, seconds or any combinations  of them to keep wake lock.

Next there are two check boxes in the CPU Awake app screen.
If you check the "Unlimited time" wake lock will be activate for unlimited time until you press the deactivate button.

If you check the "Activate on Reboot" wake lock will be activated for selected time each time phone reboot.

Next you select screen light status in the CPU Awake app,
there are four options to select such as "No Light", "Dim", "Bright" or "Bright with Keyboard lamp On" during the wake lock.

Finally Press Activate button of the CPU Awake to start the wake lock. you can see the notification when the wake lock is active. You may use the Deactivate button to release the lock, at any time, before the time expires.

Enjoy the CPU Awake app and write us for any feature improvements

*Note: app uses android native wake lock feature. 

Download the CPU Awake App from Google Play
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Download the CPU Awake App from amazon: 
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