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MedRemind+ Free Medicine Reminder App

MedRemind+ is free medicine reminder app designed to manage medication information of several patients or family members.

MedRemind+ is an extension of the previous “MedRemind” Medicine Reminder App product in the Android market. This product is developed by considering the various comments and suggestion of the existing users.

At the start of the MedRemind+ app it will ask you to agree the Terms of Use. You should press "I agree" to proceed.

The initial screen displays the present date and time, according to time settings in the phone. To start tracking medications you need to add a new person.
To add a new person/ patient you should press the "Add Person" button at the top right hand corner of the tools bar of the medicine reminder app.
When you press the button it will open new window where you can add personal information of the patient.
You may add basic information to identify the person here. To save this details, you can either swipe the screen  to right hand side, or press the up button at the Top Left corner of the tool bar of Medremind+ app.

Or you can immediately start adding medication schedules, by pressing + button at the top. When you press the + button you will see 4 types of schedules to create,
  1. Add Appointment
  2. Add Instigation
  3. Add Medication
  4. Add Contact
When you select one of the above it will save the already provided information of the patient and open the Add Schedules window.
In a schedule you can easily add relevant information and Reminder Alarm times. Press save button at the top to save and close the window.

Similarly you can add as many as schedules to a person in the Medremind+ app.
MedRemind+ display user information in four Tabs. You need to swipe left or right to  get them.
  1. Person Information
  2. Schedules
  3. Future Alarms 
  4. Past Events
Future alarms displays the generated alarms of your schedules for next 24 hours period
Past Events list your responses to alarms, This store only 50 past records to save your phone memory.  Records beyond 50 records get automatically deleted.
Similarly you can Add 5 persons' information using the MedRemind+ free medicine reminder application.
To change the alarms settings, import or export data you should access the main menu from main screen. You should press the more button at the top right hand corner of the Tool bar.
MedRemind+ Settings include, Alarm Tone, Vibration, LED color of the notification. Please run a test alarm after changing your notification setting to confirm. Further the sound setting will be superseded by the Phone's Silent mode, vibration or other sound settings.

You can export a data file of your MedRemind+ app information as a backup. You can either e-mail or save in your phone or your Google drive. Please do not change the file extension. When you import the backup file it will restore all the App data according to the backup file. This will delete any existing alarms and schedules  in the medicine reminder app. Therefore be careful when you are importing your backup file.

Further you can Reset or Adjust all Alarms using the "Reset Alarm" in the menu. This is provided to change your alarm times, in the event of Time Zone Change or Day Light Saving Time adjustments. Alarm Reset should be done manually using this option whenever there is a Day Light Saving Time change.

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