Innovemind provides mobile applications for healthcare and general purpose needs. We are a product development and management company, who develop products, publish and manage. We have successfully delivered many android apps, including Medicine Reminder, Health Track, CPU Awake, Taximet meter, Profile Manager, SMS applications, Remote sensing applications and Tracking applications.


Innovemind Pvt Ltd was incorporated in year 2015. Our business scope is providing mobile application software (Apps). Our focused customer segments are individuals and SMEs who needs technology to support their day to day activities.


We have experience in serving customers worldwide with our healthcare and utilities mobile apps. Our management team consists engineering, automation and medical professionals with diverse experience in the field.


Are you a mobile application developer or Entrepreneur? If you have a great idea and well coded mobile App, you are almost ready to reach the global market. We can help you to distribute and sell your mobile App using various monetization models. We have business experience and necessary tools to handle financial and marketing aspects of your mobile app. Some of our client solutions are: Remote power monitoring Apps, eCommerce Apps with back end, SMS Gateway, SMS Scheduling, Navigation and GPS location services. Are you looking for software outsourcing destination? We can provide you best quality software developers for project based or hourly rates based assignments.

Our Products



March 2017

GPS based Taxi meter app for individual taxi drivers and small tai services.

Download TAXImet Android app

CPU Awake

May 2014

This is Wake Lock and Life saver for Galaxy Note and many other Android devices facing deep sleep problems

Download CPU Awake Android app

Helath Care


Oct 2015

This is a Android based mobile application to record and remind healthcare information of patients. The app is suited for individual usage as well to manage information of several family members or patients you care about.

Download MedRemind Android app

Health Tracker

Oct 2016

This is a simple app for managing individual's health data. This app is includes the basic features of Personal Heath Record (PHR) . The product is at concept development stage.

Download Health Tracker Android app

Innovation is the heart of business consistence of Innovemind. We strive to deliver and improve our products with continuous innovation. Customer participation in product development process is the secret of our success. We invite everyone to be a partner in new product development and innovation. Please send your comments or new ideas to our email address. Our team will go through all stakeholder responses and screen them for the future developments.


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